The Surviving Life Mindfully theory that is applied to this series of books and CDs teaches you how to be mindful of the joys and sorrows of our life while staying centered and balanced. 

Nominated for the Adding Wisdom Award,  Surviving Unemployment: Staying Centered While Your World Goes Upside Down is an empowering book that not only helps individuals past the initial transition of being unemployed, but also provides practical information on how to find a job and stay calm and confident throughout the process.  

Whether you are single because you were never married, divorced, or widowed, learn to live life fully by reading Surviving Being Single Past 40: Living Life Fully, With or Without a Partner.  Empower yourself with information, practical suggestions, affirmations and meditations.  Surviving Being Single Past 40: Living Life Fully, With or Without a Partner  has been described "REALLY well done, humorous, wise, and informative."









Five Steps to Surviving Life Mindfully

  1. Get Grounded in the Facts
  2. Acknowledge, Then Solve Any Practical Problems
  3. Find Activities that Make You Happy - No Matter What the Circumstances
  4. Discover How to Get What You Want
  5. Keep Motivated with Focused Affirmations and Meditations.




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Books and CDs:
   Surviving Unemployment:  Staying Centered
    While Your World Turns Upside Down

Surviving Being Single Past 40:  Living Life Fully,  
 With or Without a Partner

Guided Relaxation / Affirmation CD

Documentation Solutions


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